Facts and Figures

  • 160 animals imported from The Netherlands
  • 120 bulls for meat production
  • 115 milking cows in production
  • 250 feeder pigs

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About Alfa Farm

Alfa Farm offers 34 people permanent employment. With 31 Ethiopians and 3 foreign employees it's a great team! Our employees are performing different duties, allowing them to develop their skills.

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Latest news

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Dairy Cows

Alfa Farm purposefully decided to import Dutch dairy cows. This enabled us to start milking Dutch cows very quickly. Before the animals were purchased in The Netherlands, adequate housing was secured.

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In our modern pig barn we are able to take care of the pigs efficiently. A slurry pit is situated underneath the entire barn, which allows for easy removal of manure. Currently 300 animals are housed in the barn.

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Bull Meat

The local market of bull meat is characterized by fattening old oxen. Alfa Farm is developing a new market: by fattening young bulls, we are able to deliver a better quality meat.

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Fodder production

Corn silage is one of the main products produced on the farm. Currently 60 ha of corn grows from January – May by irrigation. Another 25 ha grows in rainy season (June – September) and is harvested in November.

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