Vision, mission and strategy


Alfa Fodder and Dairy Farm aims to contribute in a healthy way to the economy of Ethiopia by doing business in an underdeveloped sector, from the viewpoint that contributing to economic development is the best way to provide developmental aid.


Alfa Fodder and Dairy Farm aims to make a difference in the Ethiopian animal husbandry and the dairy sector.


We carry out our mission by using opportunities provided by our environment:

  • we use the opportunities which Ethiopia offers in our operational management. Herein we respect country, culture and surroundings;
  • we aspire to be a role model for others in how we perform the business activities;
  • we sell our products to the local market;
  • we aspire to be self sustainable, promoting a positive economic climate in Ethiopia.

Our strategy is rooted in our Christian belief that we have a responsibility to help others as we are able. The Christian belief of the management team affects all aspects of the operational management. Christian values such as responsibility, honesty and transparency have high priority.